Monday, March 24, 2008


Why is the History so full of great ideas turned to great disasters?
I have no idea.
While I was in Spain, counting the days to come to NY, I used to search in the Internet every single thing that I wanted to visit/do here. Since I had already done all the clasic turistic tour, (Empire State, Rockefeller Center, museums, Central Park, Brooklyn, Ground Zero, Grand Central, etc) I started to look for new things.
Like two weeks before I left, I saw in a magazine the innauguration of the New Museum. The building and that "hell yes!" was enough to caught my attention. I saw the website and I read more about it.
I came to the conclusion that it was a great idea, and I really wanted to see what was inside, make a discover, find hope... But as soon as I started to ask around how was it, I could see that everybody was complaining about it, but still I wanted to see it with my own eyes.
An exhibition which someone described like "nosense".
I have to recognize that found pieces which I really liked (particulary 2 of videoart), and a few things that I aestetically enjoyed. But that was all.
The rest I couldn´t find a reason of why it was there. And I haven´t found a person able to give me an answer.
I have talked about this with many people, and I always say the same: "If they don´t change soon, it is tragically destinated to die". Tourists are coming back to their countries saying "don´t waste one morning going to the NM" and that is how it works. When your are planning your visit to such an incredible city like NY, every minute counts, and when you have finish with the classics, you start with the reccomendation of friends and guides.
I hope to hear one day that such a beautiful idea is a must in a NY visit.

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