Friday, March 14, 2008


I thought it was a joke, but it is not. Seems like everything is possible here.
I was going to write about the opening in Black&White, but something happened after the show that I couldn't remove from my head.
I saw the artwork by Asja Jung, in which you could see huges chimps with beautiful patterns. Those chimps (by the way, I dont know why but lately, everywhere I look I see monkeys, and they all remind me the same person), had a pose just like if they were humans, and they all looked at me as if they were trying to tell me something, but they couldn't, or I just wasn't able to understand them.
I read the press release which says that it is based on the book of Simon Dykes Great Apes. The book is about a man who realizes that he is in the body of a chimp.
Even now that I know where it comes from (those paintings I mean), I just don't hear what the chimp is trying to say.
If reading a book, is enough to paint a huge chimp in whose eyes you have to see something else (apart of the patterns), then, I don't understand nothing.
The thing is that, after watching the paintings I was with some friends and somebody told me about that Kansas' women, and I couldn't stop to think about her.
The problem is that if I am more interested on a Kansas' women who went on the toilet for two years...then...there is something that is not going ok.
The first thing I thought is that I was sure that in less than a year someone is going to make a piece of art about that women, because people love that kind of things. But then, I realized that maybe that disgusting new was what needed to understand the chimps.
Let me explain: The woman was in that toilet for 2 years, she never moved so she had become bound to the toilet by "natural means."
So...was she a toilet in the body of a woman or a woman in the body of a toilet?
I just can't wait to see something about that in a gallery or a museum, because what I am learning here everyday more and more, is that anything goes.
Am I right or is it that I have being too influenced by Sciences skeptic people? Here is de dilemma.

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