Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Opening

Opening tomorrow Feb 21 here in the gallery.
We will be showing 4 paintings of Joy Garnett wich I am looking at right now while I am writting.
I have being reading the press release that edward wrote and that you can find on the website. I read it and I tried to find it through my eyes, what Edwards see, and what Joy Garnett wanted to paint.
Since Joy G' s paintings are bassed on photographs that she finds, you can feel the realistic line, and even they can sound you familiar, like a newspaper photo, or a postcard that you have received.
The strong colours and the size of the paintings helps you to understand the meanings and gets you easier inside the picture.
As I look at them, I am more conscious about the meaning, but I still have some doubts about what I see.
Two of the pictures: Harbor and Morning in China make me feel the quiet, but still like if something is going to happen, like the same little fear that I have when everything is ok. Those two paintings are one in front of the other. Across them, one in front of the other too, are Noon and Night, thats the opposite, the fire, movement, noise and chaos. If figure myself in the middle of that cross, I have the two faces of reality, two sides of the same coin wich is always spinning, and you never know wich side is going to be the one up side at the end.
Despite that I can try to find the political meaning of this pieces, I dont really feel it necessary, even knowing that Night comes from a photo of the WTC disaster, for me is enoght what I see to understand the sense of this paintings.

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Juantafall said...

Creo que en muchas circunstancias de la vida existen a la vez cara y cruz, oposiciones en lo mismo, es decir q se puede sentir frio o calor a la vez, o lus y oscuridad, eso es parte de la subjetividad, una de las razones que nos la hacen evidente y palpable