Tuesday, February 26, 2008


For those who are not very into spanish art, Iet me introduce you a little trough the easiest way: ARCO

Located in Madrid, ARCO tries to show whats new and what is in the Spaniards and internationals galleries lately. In fact, this year, it was specially dedicated to Brasil, as you can see in the photo on the top (thanks to Cayetana Nicanor, by the way).

I must say that I am not the greatest defensor of ARCO for many reasons that some other day I will be pleased to explain, but I would like today to focus my post on it.

This year a very good friend of mine has being working in ARCO, and when she told me that it was great, I decided to search a little in the website to find out what was so good...
Is not only that ARCO means for us a conection with the art abroad and things that we (students) not usually see in the classroom, it is also a place where you can feel the art atmosphere, (with its goods and its bads), and how the art market moves and gets you inside.

First time I went there, two years ago I think, I wasn’t really sure if I liked what I was seeing or not -and I am not talking about the art pieces only-, but it seems like this year things have changed, and ARCO is not only open for art pieces or video-art; there was also a place for design and performance…yes, a plateu just for them, Wich I must say that (for me, in some way) destroys all the “romance” that a performance can transmit to the public.

After galleries and galleries I found a couple of things that I found interesting, maybe this gallery www.galeriaalvaroalcazar.com has one of the pieces that I like the most: http://galeriaalvaroalcazar.com/client/es/exposiciones_obras.asp?artist=3&page=1&exhibition=12&work=218
And also Porta VIII (wich is number 3). Both of them and in general all what was exhibited by this gallery in ARCO really makes me feel like something good is coming and I want to see it. In fact, a few of their pieces really reminded me what I saw in Black and White gallery wich is in front of Winkleman' s (I' ll write about it next week).

Although that I still think that ARCO is a jumble were is impossible to find anything and its full of stuff (wich is only that: stuff), I must say that I have read somethings about the situation of the stands, and the intention of make an equal distribution of the spaces and the situation of the galleries. So it seems like this years they have tryied to improve and break some rules about hierarchy in this business, and I find that it is a good reason to support ARCO for once.

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