Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Una de vaqueros

“Érase una vez…” that’s how we start in Spanish all the tales to kids right before they fall asleep and start to dream with princess, horses and treasures…or with witches and monsters.
Now that I’m an adult (or al least I try), I still miss that stories that only happened far far away. But even now you can choose your favorite princess, ogre, and fairy godmother and follow how the tale continues after you closed your eyes.
And there is the point. We closed our eyes, and all what we dreamed about was just what we wanted to see, and now things have not changed at all. What we see is what we choose to see.
The gallery Schroeder-Romero is now showing the work by David Hevel The cautionary tale of Britney Spears, that you can be able to see the website:
David Hevel shows us how a bunch of (at the beginning) nice shinning and colorful things can hide the dark truth.
Everywhere we can see those magazines and tv-shows about famous people who we cant barely remember why are the famous for, but still we know every detail of their private life.
Almost everyone that I have asked here knows who is Paris Hilton dating, or what happened with Britney Spears last week.
What Hevel tries to tell us, is that it is so easy to look to other people’s life congratulating ourselves that it is not our daughter who gets so drunk that she has to go to the hospital neither our mother who drops us in the ground.
It means that it is easy to look at all those beautiful people, just as we used to choose the fairy tale that we wanted to dream about.
It is also easy to read those pages that are full of photos and scoops about sexual scandals, than looking to the next page that shows the truth that really affects your life, your country and your world (the real one).
You’ll see there are also, some drawings of lovely monkeys , and here you have the easiest way to understand what this artist from San Francisco wants to transmit: You will love the colors of the little monkeys so much, that you might not even notice that behind them there is a grille.
And there is the truth: they are inspired by photos that the artist found on the Internet, of animals used in scientific research.
Despite the fact that the works are really “kish” and they look to me so American, it is true that the artist is able to make you understand which was his motivation, and what is more important: makes you think about it.
But anyway, there is nothing new in this tale, we all know that, and we all also know that it wouldn´t exist if nobody buys it. So the only way to destroy it is to ignore it. Maybe it would be a good idea make a performance with it, or just start a revolution by not using (or abusing of) this subject no more.

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